About Me


Nonconformist, activist… earthling with a cam. Equality extends not only to the LGBTQI and marginalized human communities, but to the other species we share this planet with; in other words, I’m vegan. I don’t just speak the words, I live by them. Documenting animal and human rights issues. Hoping to increase compassion and respect for all, while advocating for planetary sustainability.
*Free photography for sanctuaries worldwide.
**100% of proceeds from AR print purchases are donated to farm sanctuaries.


What can I say. I have two little ones under 4 years old.  They are my saving grace, while also the cause of my two gray hairs! Hahahaha 😀


I was 12 years old when I took the first picture that made me think… ‘hmmm I think I can be a photographer’.  It looked like a postcard of Battleship Cove, like the ones I saw at their gift shop,  rather than my 7th grade field trip.
Got myself a BS in business because I went to college knowing I had to rather than wanting to… it paid the bills and gave me serious road rage.

I gave up a cubicle for my camera… and never looked back!
I spend long hours taking pictures of my bunny who rewards me by propelling poop pebbles at me.
Drivers, you’re still not safe though. I’ve been known to ‘endanger my life and others,’ as several state troopers have stated, for pulling over on the freeway and taking that must have pic.

Every time I see surreal imagery that catches my eyes, I have to stop and take a picture of it in case it is the last time that I ever see it; I have to prove that such beauty once existed. For those things that I see everyday, it’s my need to revive their splendor lost in monotony.
I enjoy a good party and love to laugh! Yes, I am a dancing/singing photographer, even if I don’t know the words. I like to have fun, and if it’s your party, I would hope you’re looking to have fun too 🙂
Photographing you, to me, is capturing the emotion and feel of that day/night. I want you to look through your photos 10 years from now and feel like you’re reliving that moment!